Thursday, May 17, 2007

loryn's list of objects worth lusting after

yes that is alliteration.

i haven't done this in a while but with summer approaching i decided it was time to do another list of things i'm lustin' after.

most of you saw my post about my upgrading to a white blackberry pearl, so i wont' repost that. (y'all lazy folks can just scroll down and see the joint). so I'll start with the dress i tried on today at banana republic:

some of you know that i'm a Zeta. well, it's time for a new blue dress. i would look devilishy phine in this thing*, and i know because i tried it on at lunch today. it's about 15o bucks but honestly: i'd drop that much for this thing cuz it's so cute. 100% silk as well.

*see, i was trying to keep from saying "devil in a blue dress" because that is corny.

okay next up:

i tried them on. they make me feel like a wanton sex kitten. i don't think there's anything else to say about these shoes. except....will you buy them for me?

and now, the obligatory greek item:

I was so in lust with this damn thing I wrote a Facebook note about it. it's good for just about any occasion---NPHC info session, sorority chapter meeting, rush, even casual friday at work. and I love the old school flair.

I may post more things. for now, this is what I got.

And yes I realize I had a Zeta blue themed-post. eh, deal with it.


Stephanie said...

lol everything is blue

loryn said...

well that was the point! lol

The Chronic Daydreamer said...

$150 for a dress?! It's cute, but that's when the bargainer in me says "but it ain't that cute!" lol

However the they come with a layaway plan?! LOL

Loryn said...

^ i feel you player. the shoes are so hot right now.

Jessica said...

wow...i love that blue dress! u reckon I can still find it?