Tuesday, June 26, 2007

thoughts on the random: summer shoes, facebook overload, and the conclusion of the l-dub blackberry saga.

The quest for the perfect summer shoes.

With the first official week of summer upon us, I thought it fitting to put up a few shoes that I have my eye on. Some of you are familiar with the hot lil shoe i posted in my last "favorite things" installment--hopefully, these won't be as "too hot for TV" as those were, but sexy and stylish nonetheless.

So I pretty much would chase a chick down for these joints. Great with a sundress or maybe some skinny jeans. Fly and funky with a dash of retro. I actually bought some black ones similar to this not too long ago--I have to say that they're pretty versatile and can transition from work to play very well.

I tend to fall back on flip flops during the summer--they're comfortable and can usually withstand my metro commute to and fro. But for some reason, the old navy 2-for-1 flip flop just doesn't do it for me anymore--and those used to be my joint sophomore year! Case in point: this great red flip flop from Steve Madden.

...Because no shoe post of mine will be complete without some Pumas, since they are my favorite brand of athletic shoe. I think now is a good time to say that my birthday is exactly 7 months away...but I am also a strong believer of Christmas in July, so if you want to pick them up for me then, that would be pretty awesome :-D

Facebook Gone Wild!

I knew Facebook would evolve into MySpace's hotter sister eventually, but I don't know how I feel about all the new features. I'm glad that they're all optional, but the notification that tells you about all the activity pertaining to your profile (who just wrote on your wall, who just commented on your comment in a photo, etc.) is simply just....extra.

Don't get me started on the honesty box. I mean really, why would you want to know everything people think about you? I can really see some broken relationships/friendships/friends with benefits situations going totally awry on account of things like this.

I am feelin' the Music features though. As a music junkie myself it seems pretty useful.

The Blackberry Saga has ended

...and it ends with L-dub actually breaking down and buying a Blackberry. I decided I no longer wanted the Pearl--the buttons were too small--but that didn't mean that I didn't need or want a new phone anymore.

You see, my current little slider phone has been acting real flippant lately. I'll slide it open and the screen just goes berserk--sometimes the colors are completely off, sometimes it's blank, sometimes they're even a little static.

That sealed it. It was time for a new phone.

So I ended up getting the 8700g model. I haven't gotten it in the mail yet, but by the end of the week I'll be totin it around in classic DC fashion :-)

Until then,



Elisa said...

I mentioned to a colleague I'm totally stressed out about my FaceBook/LinkedIn/Etc. accounts. Too many people, too much stuff.

She asked why. My answer - it's like a challenge. I do actually know all 300+ people I'm attached to on FaceBook, and all 200+ on LinkedIn. But most people assume I'm a collector, and my insecurity flares.

I may just abandon ship… but then, what do I do with my blog...? http://aquestionofperspective.com

And Woot! for the BlackBerry!

Enjoyer of the Journey said...

may i ask where you found these pumps? i am creating some inspiration boards for my wedding and want to add these shoes with the link to purchase them. any help from you would be greatly appreciated!!